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                     Lake Arenal Costa Rica Fishing Report for June 1, 2011:

     "Guapote Fishing on Lake Arenal Costa Rica can be slow.  One reason the fishing can be so poor is because of spear fishing. Although illegal, many people dive the lake and the rivers feeding the lake to spear the Guapote.  We spoke with one local  that reported spearing over 60 large (5 to 8 lb Guapote) in less than 2 hours during the early morning hours of daylight. Unless the Government takes action the Guapote may soon disappear from Lake Arenal.

   The lake however is very beautiful and clean. I highly recommend a boat tour / fishing trip to view the lake up close.  On our last boat tour  we saw Toucans, Howler Monkeys, sloths and many other species of local animals and birds. We also got some great footage of Arenal Volcano from the lake. Kayaking and canoeing on the lake is also becoming very popular."

                                                           Lake Arenal Fishing Tip:   

     According to Glenn from Lake Arenal fishing Tours,  the best fishing for Guapote is when the lake starts rising (mid June through July) and when it's starts dropping in level (Feb-April).  Thanks Glenn for the hot tip. 


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  Guapote Fishing Costa Rica   Lake Arenal is a very quiet lake as houses and marinas are not allowed to build on the water.  You can spend the entire day on this 33 mile lake and almost never see another boat.  The lake temperature stays around 76 degrees year around.  During the windy season (Nov, Dec & January) the winds can reach 50 -60 MPH, This can be a tough time for fishing the lake. One local Guapote Fishing Guide reported catching the unofficial IGFA World Record Guapote Rainbow Bass weighing 6.5 Kilos at 2 PM last November. So you never know when a big Guapote will strike. This is the best time for windsurfing though and the lake will see many windsurfing and sailing visitors during these months.

      Most other months have good Guapote Fishing conditions as each day will have 12 hours days and 12 hours nights.  It gets daylight at the same time every morning. The lake is 200 ft deep in places and can get very clear during the non windy months, especially in September.  Guapote Rainbow Bass can grow up to 15 lbs, but the average nice fish will be in the 2-5 lb range.  We sponsor advocate releasing the big seeder fish to help keep up the Guapote fishing population.  Guapote Bass are considered some of the best tasting freshwater fish also.

    Fishing on Lake Arenal is always interesting as there are many other varieties of fish in the lake and the tropical islands always have an abundance of wildlife such as sloths, monkeys and birds. Be sure to bring your camera and your binoculars to view the local birds and wildlife.  If your not a fisherman, then you can do a guided kayak tour of the lake.  The lake is absolutely beautiful!  Lake Arenal is considered one of the most beautiful and cleanest lakes in the world.

    When it rains its usually in the afternoon after 12pm and sometimes as late as 3-4pm.  So get out there early and get your opportunity to hook into a Big Guapote Rainbow Bass.  More Guapote Rainbow Bass fishing information can be located with the below links.  We also have a  Bed & Breakfast with an incredible view of Lake Arenal.  Ask us about our package deal of rental accommodations and guided kayak or power boat fishing on Lake Arenal. 



     The Town of Nuevo Arenal, Costa Rica                                                                                2010 Spinnerbait Review

 Guapote Fishing Costa Rica   Nuevo Arenal is located approximately 30 miles from and across Lake Arenal from the Arenal Volcano.  The town of La Fortuna is approximately 30 minutes from our rentals. Nuevo Arenal a safe distance from the volcano with action activities nearby such as Volcano Tours, White Water Rafting, Fishing in Lake Arenal, Aerial Trams,   Zip Lining the rainforest, Windsurfing on Lake Arenal, Sailing, Kayaking, Canoeing, Hiking, Boating, ATV Rentals, Horseback riding to 5 remote Rainforest Waterfalls, Eco Tours, Butterfly Museums, Snake Museums, Coffee Plantations, Monteverde Cloud Forest, great restaurants and very friendly locals. 

          If you are planning a trip to Lake Arenal, Costa Rica you have to try the local fishing.  Lake Arenal is world famous for guided fishing trips for Guapote rainbow bass. Guapote fishing has been featured by Bass Pro Shops, American Sportsman and many other top fishing magazines.  More on Fishing Lake Arenal Below.

    The lake is approx 33 Miles with a paved road along the eastern shoreline.  There are several public ramps with good access to the lake.  The lake has strong winds in January, February and March and windsurfers come from all over the world to enjoy windsurfing.      Kayak Fishing On Lake Arenal Costa Rica 



                Guapote Fishing Costa Rica

                                                  Here's a nice Guapote the author caught while fishing from a Kayak on Lake Arenal

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